Bobby Vermillion

Bobby Vermillion is proud to be a part of the local real estate community and call Savannah home. An enthusiastic believer in the opportunities the city offers to both businesses and individual residents alike, Bobby invests himself in the local real estate market. Bobby attended St Andrew’s University and graduated with a BS in Political Science. During that time, he had the opportunity to visit as well as reside in foreign countries including Zimbabwe, India, and Vietnam. These international travels provided Bobby with a keen understanding of diverse cultures, customs, and architectural styles. A Williamsburg, VA native, Bobby grew up in a family of dynamic entrepreneurs. From an early age he was able to gain experience and valuable insights into the hotel, restaurant, retail, and residential development business enterprises that his family owned and operated. Currently a resident of the Historic District, Bobby is an active member of the Savannah community with memberships in The Historic Savannah Foundation, The Telfair Museum, and The Savannah Yacht Club. In his free time Bobby enjoys packing up his vintage Land Rover with his dog Jib and paddle board and heading to the beach.